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Sunday September 21, 2014

Queen’s Park Circle

11am - 6pm

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"Globe and Mail Review: The Colonial Hotel “A solid novel on morality in our not-quite-postcolonial world”"

"The wonderful @cfischerguy reviews Colonial Hotel: “Bennett is a poet and a novelist, and there is a spare and disciplined beauty to the prose. Here is Helen: “I am stolen land, erased language, an echo of rapes long ago…I become an idea of myself, of Helen, and I haunt them, poison their dreams.” Bennett is keenly aware of the tradition into which he casts his novel, and pays it homage.”"

Colonial Hotel reviewed at Ardor Magazine.

Colonial Hotel reviewed at Ardor Magazine.

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"…this short novel is at once lyrical and brutal, alluring in its spare, elegant prose and shocking in its honest portrayal of the realities of political corruption and duplicitous leadership. Bennett is able to demonstrate the timelessness of the themes of the original classic story in this contemporary setting, offering both emotional depth and universal truths about the human condition."

Julie reads, and enjoys, The Colonial Hotel. @ecwpress 

Paul Vermeersch and I in TO this week.

Paul Vermeersch and I in TO this week.

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Jonathan Bennett’s latest is a rewarding and intensely moving read